We are Clugton Technologies Limited

Clugton is an Information Technology consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations determine what technology they need and the best way to implement it. We provide the type of strategic consulting that is of cardinal significance to every successful company. Our teams of unyielding, dynamic and talented specialists are trained to deliver outstanding service and quality results unique to your company. We also provide full cycle integration, implementation and training for our clients complete IT needs and expectations. We encourage you to explore our services that will confirm our ability to make a positive impact in your organization.

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Our Mission

Advanced Solutions

To provide the most advanced IT services and solutions to clients at multiple stages of the IT Cycle. Our services and solutions are to include both networking and wireless capabilities while adding the industry expertise, familiarity, and personal approach that clients have come to expect.

Reliable Support

To provide executive management support, as well as mid-management support to our client’s IT needs with new technology. Our support is continuously offered through a single point of contact so our customers maintain a comfort that is built upon our reputable and proactive approach to IT problem solving and solutions.


To provide full cycle integration, implementation and training for the client’s complete IT needs and expectations.


To support business, economic and workforce development for the benefit of the client and their customers.